At the End of Silence

Fourteen-year old Ruth Loewe has no reason to doubt President Beneš when, in 1938, he assures the Czech people peace with Germany can be preserved.  However, soon after, her life takes a terrifying turn when the Nazis march into her hometown, Prague, six months before the outbreak of World War II.  She must adjust from a comfortable middle-class Jewish family life to rationing, unreasonable restrictions, and the daily fear of living under the Nazis.  Ruth endures deportation to the concentration camps and separation from her family, but even in her darkest hours, she finds unexpected love and camaraderie.  At the end of the war, she befriends an American medic, who helps her search for her scattered family.  What they discover shifts the course of her future, so she buries her past and begins anew.

Almost sixty years later, Ruth refuses to discuss her former life, but in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, her memories haunt her. Her daughter, Sarah, endeavors to unearth the secrets of Ruth’s hidden past.  Armed with only a few fading photographs and antique foreign books, Sarah journeys to Prague.  What she uncovers rattles the foundation of their relationship, altering her entire family history.

At the End of Silence exposes the divisive consequences of silence, but it also explores the redemptive quality of love.